Luke Christopher - Roof Tops (Ft. Asher Roth)

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Being a white person, I'm a big fan of white rap, so I naturally gravitate towards anything from ASHER ROTH. It's weird to say, but Asher paved the way for the infinite amount of white "frat" rappers flooding the internet with their music. This latest track "Roof Tops" has Luke Christopher, who's been getting some rep on the blogosphere for some awesome music, collabbing with Mr Roth. The track is super chill and Roth pretty much rips up any track he's on, especially this one. [soundcloud url=""] Luke Christopher - Roof Tops (Ft. Asher Roth) If you haven't already, keep an eye on Asher's Soundcloud for his ragical magical podcasts. Big ups to the dude for using his clout as an avenue to push out some awesome music that typically doesn't make it to the mainstream. Check out the latest podcast below: [soundcloud url=""]

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