Lit - My Own Worst Enemy (Clinton Sparks Remix)

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In anticipation of his "Watch You" single featuring Pitbull and Disco Fries, Clinton Sparks unleashes a remix of massive proportions, sampling Lit's famous 90s rock ballad and one of my all-time favorite songs growing up, "My Own Worst Enemy" featuring Lit lead singer Ajay Popoff. Clinton recently attended an EMI writers conference, and has collaborations in the works with Akon, Chris Brown, and more. Now you can play a crowd favorite without losing the uptempo energy & with the raging electro drop, its perfect for Raves & Vegas style parties. Maybe not perfect to play on a sunday night, but save this for the weekend and your friends will sure be impressed with the find. Here's live footage of Clinton Sparks unleashing his "My Own Worst Enemy" remix with singer Ajay Popoff, who is the lead singer of Lit.

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