Liquid Stranger, Lucky Date and Excision live at Club Nokia

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I didn't realize I was in for a dubstep treat when I saw Liquid Stranger, Lucky Date and Excision at Los Angeles' Club Nokia on Saturday night. The bass was off the chain, the production was fire and overall it was a great show. Read my review below. We first get to the venue and there's this huge line outside of what looks like high school students dressing up as weird and slutty as possible for the show. Immediately we look to find the will call, get our press passes and head on in to Club Nokia. Entering the venue, we encounter the tunes of Liquid Stranger, a DJ who has a good sense of the dubstep genre in his tunes. He almost specializes in having epic drops in his bangers and is the perfect opening act for this electro/dubstep show. It's hard to pick a favorite from Liquid Stranger because some of his songs sounded similar as the dubstep does get a bit distracting and takes a little while to get used to live. Below listen and download his latest EP, The Wetware Warfare, and check out Liquid Stranger's soundcloud for more. Next came Lucky Date, a DJ I deeply admire after seeing him live. He's not just dubstep like the other two DJs I saw that night but has a mix of electronic genres mixed into his songs with various influences that prove he's a DJ that transcends the dubstep genre, much like Skrillex has done. The song that stuck with me the most from Lucky Date is "I Want You", his latest single that he didn't release until after the show Saturday. "I Want You" has an electro-dance vibe and is a real addicting song once you get into it. For more Lucky Date, check out his soundcloud. Lastly came the headliner, dubstep maestro Excision. While Excision is mostly dubstep, he has also dabbled in some electro house and drumstep. He's an extremely talented DJ and it's no surprise the crowd increased, the dancing got weirder and overall the venue was vibrating much more than before. Excision proved dubstep is here to stay as his sounds got everybody excited for the womp womp, the visuals from the stage made the music seem epic and overall I came away real impressed by the sounds of dubstep live. Here's eight free tracks from Excision. Follow him on soundcloud for more.

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