Keith Masters - I Can't Go Now x Desoto *electromajic

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So I know I'm a few weeks late on the latest from Keith Masters but no fear, good music is here! A few weeks back, our boy Keith dropped a couple new electromajic songs that will get you dancing and singing along. Electromajic is Keith Masters style, upbeat electronic infused hip-hop/pop that gets you moving and/or singing along with catchy hooks and beats. "I Can't Go Now" featuring Sarah Leichtenberg is catchy but also might be typified into an electronic pop hop song that can be forgettable. Don't get me wrong, it's catchy and fun, but is this a song we will remember if it isn't being played everywhere like the crap on mainstream radio? I'm afraid not. "Desoto" featuring BASHtone has this fun unique sound. It's upbeat enough that I would welcome it into the club plus he references one of the best dunkers in the NBA, Blake Griffin, so I can't hate on this track. Previous: Keith Masters interview

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