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Your probably wondering, "What the fuck is Before the Bigs?" Well we are an organization developed by two college kids and close friends whose main goal is to spread the word about up-and-coming artists and bands before they hit mainstream. Our goal is to market unknown, yet talented rappers and artists such as The Dean's List, Fresh Espresso, Chris Webby, Kinetics & One Love, Hoodie Allen and much more before their songs are heard on the radio and itunes. We will also provide information on new songs from well established artists such as Mike Posner, Chiddy Bang, B.o.B., Kid Cudi, and more.

My name is Evan Wishman and my associate is Zach Siegal-Eisman. We will post music before they get mainstream. We have a lot of good songs to share with you and we are really excited to get started. Feel free to ask us any questions or send us over anything you may know of that others do not.

As part of our promise to post at least one song a day, we give you one of our favorite songs by one of the best up-and-coming groups, Chiddy Bang. They are an alternative hip-hop band from south Philly who blends their hip-hop lyrics with unique sample choices from indie artist's such as Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens, Passion Pit, and MGMT.
Check out Opposite of Adults below, which emphasizes the fun of being young while also the desire to grow up and be successful. Enjoy!

Bonus Track: Download Chiddy Bang - All Things Go

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