Junior High - PSA *SoCal Synth-Pop

Short link https://tfn.tw/9kd/
SoCal synth-pop duo Junior High (aka Michael Deakers and Josh Ottum) celebrates the sounds and emotions that are inextricably linked with the emergence of the synthesizer, the warmth and nostalgia of a pastel-colored windbreaker, sailboats, and the unapologetic lyrical positivity of the 1980's. In an age thick with irony and emotional distance, Junior High is a sincere, catchy, and highly danceable breath of fresh air. This is music made by instinct. And these instincts say, "Pretend you are 13 and you're alone in your bedroom dancing in front of the mirror!" The catchy single “PSA” incorporates 80s grooves with a modern touch - integrating nods to Michael Jackson and soundtrack composers Harold Faltermeyer and Giorgio Moroder. Junior High is pleased to share their video for "PSA," throws a visual aspect on the party-time track. Gold lamé, ray-bans, vibraphone, breakdancing and special f/x straight out of an 80s Saturday morning Public Service Announcement--this band knows how to have a good time. Watch "PSA" below.

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