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I always look forward to getting a new song as part of The Incomparable Shakespeare's new music tuesday series because every song sounds different. Here's what ShakyBaby had to say about his latest song:
It's week 9 which brings more good music. I previously released a song called "Lonely Start" from an album/project I have with Jon Solo.This week's song is another from that project. Jon's an amazing musician/singer/songwriter, and the stuff really crosses genre lines. Here's "Shades of Honeydew". As always, thanks for posting the songs week after week.
PS: Please credit it as "Jon Solo & The Incomparable Shakespeare". Mix Mssg is the official group name, but we're trying to slowly introduce it as the project builds buzz. If you do mention "Mix Mssg" in the post, please link it to our site.  
Below is "Shades of Honeydew" as well as Jon Solo & The Incomparable Shakespeare's last collaboration, "Lonely Start".

To download "Shades of Honeydew", control-click or right click link.
Mix Mssg - Shades of Honeydew  The Incomparable Shakespeare & Jon Solo - On A Lonely Start by BeforeTheBigsZach 

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