Jon Connor - I'm Heavy x Don't Wanna Be

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Flint, Michigan rapper Jon Connor is set to release his new record, "While You Were Sleeping" on July 26 (his fourth release in a year). He just dropped the second and third leak off of the new record, "Don't Wanna Be" and "I'm Heavy" Connor's previous releases this year have each been free mixtapes, with him rapping over other's beats (including Jay-Z and Belinda Carlisle's classic, "Place On Earth"). "While You Were Sleeping" marks a return to The People's Rapper rhyming over original production. "I'm Heavy" features Mistah Fab, an underground hip-hop legend from the Bay Area. Stream and download below. "Don't Wanna Be" features a stripped-down beat produced by Brix with Connor providing his usual aggressive flow and positive message. That being said, "Don't Wanna Be" works great as a windows-down/volume-up banger! Watch a live performance and interview with Jon Connor here -- Nick Manes is a music journalist based in Grand Rapids, MI. Follow him on Twitter here.

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