iSh - "Let Them" (JJ x Akon Remix)

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iSH creates a brand new "double remix".  iSH takes JJ’s “Let Them” and adds in some raw rapping into it.  Here is what he said about this track: I decided to remix the song “Let Them” by jj, which was a remix of an Akon song…so I guess this is a remix of a remix of a remix? iSH has made some awesome remixes recently and it is pretty apparent that he is a very young and talented rapper. I would love to start seeing more original content by him as I feel he has potential to make it big. However, it's all about taking baby steps and so far I love what I hear by him. Enjoy! [soundcloud url=""] Download: iSH - "Let Them" (JJ Remix)

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