Introducing the Glass Child *singer/songwriter

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Well it's been awhile since I've really dug a female artist but oh my goodness, Charlotte Eriksson (the Glass Child), is IT. She's got IT. She's sensational and original. The combination of her gritty voice and intense lyrics moves my soul just a lil bit. At just 19, she moved from her homeland of Sweden to London to devote herself completely to music. The result has been the release of her self-produced debut EP and the creation of her own record label, "Broken Glass Records." I love every one of her songs off her newly released EP, This Is How Ghosts Are Made. My two favorite songs are "Insanity" and "Tell The World" (You can stream the entire album on the Glass Child tumblr): Insanity by the Glass Child Tell The World by the Glass Child Follow the Glass Child on Facebook and Twitter.

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