Introducing: The Exchange

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Nowadays music is relatively all the same contextually speaking. Here's a band that is striving to break that. With uplifting lyrics that moves listeners closer to each other and to healing, The Exchange is bridging the gap between audience and stage, creating a community of hope. Mikey Moore, Gregor Uvila, and Britt and Jack Espinosa create an atmosphere that everyone wants to be apart of. Their live show is even more so of that with guitar swings, jumping and unbridled energy. Their newest song "Tell Me Your Story" is all about truly giving an ear to the hurts of those around us. Their faith and optimism beckons celebration. Check them out and give them a listen. [soundcloud url="" iframe="true" /] If you like what you hear go ahead and vote for them to win Seattle's Local Music Project on Spirit 105.3.To vote by Text Message: Text "LMP01" to 28201. To Vote online: go to and go to the contests tab. Underneath you will see the "Local Music Project" click on the link and then when you get to that page click on our picture. From there click the button that says "to vote online".  

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