Introducing The Chocolate Robots....

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Well here's a swell little band I knew nothing about. Isn't that usually the case though? I feel like there are a million darling bands out there that, when I hear 'em, I think to myself, "GOLLY GEE, WHY HAVEN'T I HEARD THESE GUYS BEFORE"? Ladies and Gents, I give you....The Chocolate Robots. What first drew me in about these guys was the fact that THEY HAVE A STORY. The band is composed of three brothers: Mike Giresi, Mutt Giresi, and Marco Giresi. These guys grew up jammin' in their parents' pizza shop....thus the title of their latest record "Pizza Face" which can be purchased here. COOL FACT: The album was recorded using a bunch of old tube and tape equipment their dad had left over from being an Italian singer/songwriter in the 70's. Well, I'll let you get to listening to these guys. My two favorite tracks off their new album are "Impossible Princess" and "Young Luff," both of which can be downloaded via the link below. CIAO. FREE PIZZA FACE SAMPLE by Chocolate Robots Linkage: Facebook Bandcamp  

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