Hidden Gem: Shav & Mentos *smooth hip-hop vibes

Short link https://tfn.tw/9jh/
Sometimes fate is in your favor. Fate was in the favor of Keshav Garg and Aaron Mentos. The two were roomed together at Colgate University, and almost instantly the music began being made. The two freshman, known as Shav & Mentos, recorded a five song EP titled "Circus Room" in their first year together, which is scheduled to be released Thursday May 17. Their single "Carelessly" was written on their first night together. The duo has a mix of superb singing and excellent guitar blended with a chill bass and a great Hip-hop flow. Listen and download their single "Carelessly". Make sure to check out their Facebook page and follow Mentos on Twitter. (@Mentos413) -HipHopisLove (@HipHopisLove)

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