Introducing Proof I Exist *Solo Indie Pop/Rock from Cleveland

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This almost got lost in our inbox, glad I found it! Here's a solo artist from Cleveland known as, Proof I Exist. He recently released his debut LP, Suburban Sci-Fi, which is being played on local college radio according to the artist. It is a one-man DIY effort with a full-band sound encompassing many genres, including: indie pop/rock, garage, psychedelic, and alternative. There's a few songs I really like, "Modern Day Love Song", "Trespassing in Heaven" and "Euphoria at 4 AM". However there's also a couple tracks worth skipping like "Waiting for Paradise" whose title would be more fitting being called "Waiting for this song to end". Overall each song brings a different vibe and style yet having distinct vocals. What stands out the most to me is the guitar instrumentals, which is real catchy throughout the project. Listen and download Proof I Exist's Suburban Sci-Fi below. If you like what you hear, follow Proof I Exist on facebook.

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