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J. Vill is hails from the OC... Orange County, New York that is. J. Vill has been hitting us up on twitter and for good reason; his 2nd mixtape, Chillin By The Sun, has got a nice relaxing sound to it. Good sampling, keeping some of the best parts of the original song in his songs while having some solid rhymes over it.

Listen and dowload all 10 tracks below or download it all here  J.VILL Presents Chillin By The Sun by J.VILL 
Click read more for more on J. Vill's latest project.
Here's the write up from J. Vill: 
J.VILL Presents Chillin By The Sun, a free album that incorporates a visual sun filled experience along with pop sounding mainstream records. Adding stories of his personal experiences, J.VILL tries to entice all of his listeners to live life young and for the moment. Currently, only his second big project to date, J.VILL produced/mixed/song-written and put in countless of hours into this project with very limited support. Putting out this project at the perfect time, J.VILL hopes to gain many true supporters through word of mouth. Currently working with more industry names J.VILL will keep putting out more quality records leading up to his official EP in the near future.
Check out J. Vill on facebook. Enjoy!

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