Introducing: Goldenspell

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Eric Frank known by the stage name as Goldenspell is one unique aritst. I first discovered him while interning at Evolution Music Partners and have since fallen in love with his music. All of his tracks are different in their own ways. He provides a very relaxed indie rock feel with some "deep-dance electro-acoustic soul clap vocal acid-pop" type sound which is something I always enjoy. Take a listen to some of my favorite tracks by him below: "Bells and Claps" [soundcloud url=""] "I Wanted to Know" [soundcloud url=""] "Without You" [soundcloud url=""] "Could Be Wrong" with Foxkit [soundcloud url=""] "So Strange" with Foxkit [soundcloud url=""]   The "Bells and Claps" track heard at the top was recently featured in a Starbucks commercial this past summer. Check out the commercial below. Finally, Goldenspell and Foxkit are filming a music video for "So Strange" on October 8th in Los Angeles. They need people for a big warehouse party scene. Check out his facebook fan page for more information and visit his official website to learn more about this talented artist.       Photo at the top of post taken by Carl Pocket  

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