Introducing: D.Worthy

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The Christmas hangover is still upon us. Whether you are back at work or not, people are still caught in the holiday spirit. However, one rapper got me out of it for a moment with his awesome sound. D.Worthy originally from Cleveland but relocated to Vancouver, Washington is a rapper with awesome flow over great beats. His music is catchy and though he is still very new to the game, expect him to make a splash! Below are his best tracks. Enjoy! "Upscale" (Prod. RicandThadeus) [soundcloud url=""] "Relax and Relate" (Prod. IllMuzik) [soundcloud url=""] "Blue Sky" (Prod. No I.D.) [soundcloud url=""] "Patience Is A Virtue (Prod. Johnny Juliano) [soundcloud url=""]   Facebook   Twitter  

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