Introducing Cooper Saver *daytime dance

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If you love Poolside as much as me and dig the mixes Tropicool puts out, then Cooper Saver should be one of the next DJs to check out in that style of music. The style that I'm talking about is something along the lines of  a daytime dance style, which is a summer chill kind of sound that is great to relax/chill to. You can even dance a little with this style of music, but only if it's dancing done outside during the day, when your in a chill atmosphere. Cooper Saver has done mostly mixes and some edits to other songs and I hope to hear him put out some original work and official remixes in the future as well. Stream & download his latest edit, Bibio's "Light Sleep" and his disco edit, "Sure Shot", below. If you like what you hear, follow Cooper Saver on facebook and twitter.

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