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Ryan Jafar aka Celestial (BCF), is a student at UC Riverside and an up-and-coming hip-hop/rap artist. Last week he released his latest mixtape, Substance Abuse, and I definately sense the substance abuse in most of his songs. Most of the songs are about the drugs he takes and how he doesn't care and is all about having fun.

The mixtape is fun to listen to, the beats are nice, many catchy hooks and I enjoy the techno fast-paced melody in the songs. This guys flow is incredible and in high school he won a couple competitions in freestyling and poetry.

From Celestial (BCF) facebook page:
He has been on CNN, NBC News, the frontpage of the LA Times, HBO, featured in book stores, Sirius Radio, KissFM, ATN Bangla, met with Russel Simmons, the California State Poet Laureatte Carol Muske Dukes, and countless other media sources!
The BCF stands for "Bengali Crown Family", the most dominant Bengali hip-hop group on the westcoast. Although he may not be the color you envision for a successful rapper, I see big things for Celestial and I hope you enjoy his music.

Here are two of my favorites from Substance Abuse and below is the download link to the mixtape.
Download: "College Life"
Download: "Feel Alive"
Download: Substance Abuse
If you like Celestial's music check out his facebook and bandcamp to listen and download each song by him.

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