Introducing: Arthur Johnson Music Group (AJMG)

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Arthur Johnson Music Group (AJMG) is an independent music production company founded by Berklee College of Music student Arthur Johnson. For a while now, Arthur has been determined to create a music label which focuses solely on the quality of music produced rather than making as much as possible.

Direct quotes from say, "Here at AJMG , the CONTENT of the music we produce has VALUE, AJMG will never be a company that desperately tries to create success by copying what’s “hot” at the moment...AJMG is a company built on a foundation of STRONG MORALS & VALUES, DEDICATION, PERSEVERANCE, HIGH-LEVEL PERFORMANCE, and IMAGINATIVE VISION"

AJMG is passionate and true to their music. They are not ones to sell out and change their style of music in order to make a quick buck. They do things they way they feel most comfortable doing and that is what I like about them most. There are not too many companies such as this one in the music business or the entertainment industry as a whole anymore and it is nice to see young up-and-comers such as Arthur Johnson be loyal to his own beliefs.

AJMG has been working very closely with Los Angeles based rapper/actor TAI TAYLOR and I highly recommend you check out to see more of the great work that AJMG has been doing with TAI for quite some time now!

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