Incomparable Shakespeare – “Something’s Gotta Give” x “Crack”

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 Two new songs from The Incomparable Shakespeare. This guy is really cool and his songs have a lot of feeling in them. Below is "Something's Gotta Give". Here's what he had to say about this track:
Week 8 brings "Something's Gotta Give" (prod. by Graphic) which is an honest and vulnerable explanation to my hiatus last year. Many people asked, "what happened after the buzz of "Skinny Jeans" and "The British Invasion"? I was going through a very tough period personally. So despite the positive momentum, I fell back in order to pull the pieces together. Point is, things are better, I'm great, and its fueled tons of great song ideas and projects!! This happens to be one of them. The song features the homie, Exlib, and he goes in.
Download "Something's Gotta Give"

By the way, expect an exclusive video interview with The Incomparable Shakespeare within the next month or two.

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