Instead of Coachella... attend BROKECHELLA, it's only $5!

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So if your like me and scrambling to find something fun to do while all your friends are going to Coachella this weekend and next weekend, well look no further than Brokechella 2012. This 1-day festival takes place Saturday April 21st in Downtown Los Angeles from 4pm to 2am. more details at For only $5 dollars... yes I said for only five freaking dollars, you can over 15 up-and-coming and mostly local artists! Since we love up-and-coming artists, here's three acts you need to catch at Brokechella 2012 which is a great value show I highly recommend you SoCal people check out if your free on Saturday April 21. If there's an act from this event that you must see live before they become nationwide touring mainstream acts, it's brothers/producers electronic duo Das Tapes. I've seen them live twice and their music brings out a huge dance party, with everybody grooving along to their electro-pop tunes. They started in 2010 and as they continue to craft their live show, their popularity will only grow. Here's my favorite from them, "Black Ferrari" featured on Best You Never Heard 5. Another group that intrigues me is The Dead Ships who have sort of a garage rock/indie punk sound. They kind of remind me of Wavves, Beach House and The Drums but a little more on the punk side. Here's their latest video, "Amaze". Lastly a group that has been getting rave reviews from many top local Los Angeles music blogs is LA Font. This indie rock group apparently is real underrated live and I look forward to finally taking up the advice of SuperGoodMusic and seeing them live. Here's their video for "Fine Lines". For more on the artists performing at Brokechella, make sure to go to for bio's and links to their music. Here's a teaser video for the festival.

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