Hoodie Allen - No Interruption

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From Hoodie Allen:
Since the end of the summer I’ve been working in the studio non-stop on my first retail EP titled All American. Set to drop April 10th, All American is a totally original record (yes that means no samples!) and is the first record I will have ever put up for sale on iTunes. So this is something completely new for me. I’ve built most of my following online based around 2 ideas –1. free mixtapes and 2. creative use of sampling. With this new project, I’ve worked really hard to expand upon the sound that my fans love while actually creating all the songs from scratch. Today, I’m proud to present you with “No Interruption”, the first single and music video off of All American. I think this is my favorite song I’ve ever made and the coolest video I’ve ever been apart of. We really set out to make something cinematic and super fun to watch—mucht hanks to the director Charles Alan Whitcher, for creating a concept that keep sup with the high energy of the song.
Stream and buy Hoodie Allen's debut iTunes single, "No Interruption". Watch the official music video to "No Interruption" below. Previous: Hoodie Allen - James Franco (video) Exclusive: Interview with Hoodie Allen

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