Hidden Gem: Wildcat! Wildcat! *electronic R&B/indie pop

Short link https://tfn.tw/9oe/
Wildcat! Wildcat! has a sound that is really different from other acts out there, I can'tquite think of an act to compare them with as they have this real alternative sound that can be best described as  indie electronic pop R&B. However, I'd prefer to let the music speak for itself and Buzzbands.LA does a pretty good review on them., so stream and download their three releases, "The Chief", "End Of The World Everyday" and "Mr. Quiche". If you dig the music above, watch the official video to "Mr. Quiche" and some links to keep up with Wildcat! Wildcat! Wildcat! Wildcat! is playing a FREE show with Haim this Thursday in Santa Monica. I will be there to watch the two up-and-coming indie acts and if you want to attend, find more details here. For more on Wildcat! Wildcat! follow them on facebook  and twitter.

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