Hidden Gem: U Nu *electronic and organic sounds combined!

Short link https://tfn.tw/997/
U Nu wanted to share with us an experimental music project that he put together over the last few months. That project is U Nu (pronounced: oo - noo). Here's a little bit more about him:
The reason I think that the music I'm making is unique is because there are very few artists out there who show an interest in packaging different genres of music together. U Nu combines the best electronic and organic sounds out there, drawing elements from the indie rock and electronic world, while not shying away from hip hop beats, latin rhythms, instrumental freakouts, beatboxing, and sampling a guy scratching his beard (among other things). I released my first album "Summer of Rain". The album is entirely composed, performed, recorded, edited, mixed, and mastered by me. AND I did all of the artwork myself. So? Enticed? Currently in the works for U Nu are project including a collaborative re-mixtape about the lives of Australian aborigines, a singing and beatbox EP, and an all-acoustic EP.
Below listen and download his latest work, Summer of Rain. My three favorites include "Ocean Under Lakeshore Drive", "July23 or This is the End" and "Mind the Gap". For more on U Nu, follow him on facebook and twitter

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