Hidden Gem: The Magic Beans

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The Magic Beans are an up-and-coming Jam Band out of Boulder, CO, who are seriously beginning to separate themselves from a pretty inundated scene. Their music is self-described as "Space Funk, Slam Grass, Shredtronica, Rage Step," which basically means their music combines bluegrass and funky jams, even sometimes in the same song. It definitely sounds like each member of the Magic Beans brings their own influences to the table and through the songwriting and improvisation, take the music to a new, previously unexplored direction. What seriously separates the Magic Beans, at least from most other up-and-coming bands, is that they can comfortably play their own 2 set, three hour show. You see most new bands playing 45 minutes on a bill with like 5 other, likely terrible, groups. The Magic Beans knew that their audience, all being serious jammers, would be best served by taking the full-time to stretch out each song to it's full potential before returning to the original structure. To see what I'm talking about, check out this live version of "Underwater Oasis" which stretches to just over 10 minutes. It's really chill. [soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/7885712"] Currently, The Beans are in the studio wrapping up work on a double CD that will be out for release later this summer. You can stream some tracks on their Facebook. This weekend they will be playing at the Mishawaka Amphitheatre for their summer opening "Waterfront Music Festival" with a bunch of other Colorado jam stars. There are also some headlining gigs tba in the near future. If you're in the area, do yourself a favor and catch a Magic Beans show.

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