Hidden Gem: The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen *gangsta electro clash

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Proximal Records is pleased to announce a new signing in the form of international music duo - The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. By way of introduction, the duo have just released their debut EP Superconductor earlier this week as a digital only release. The lead single, "My Way" (DOWNLOAD) perfectly showcases the duo's mind-bending mix of hip-hop and electronic music to create what they've dubbed "Gangsta Electro Clash."

Stream and buy their Superconductor EP below. It's a must-listen project that a hip-hop fan and electronic fan would really enjoy.

Read The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen's bio below and links to follow this up-and-coming hip-hop/electro duo. When Creativity and inspiration strike, absolutely nothing can stop their progression; not even a body of water as vast as the Atlantic Ocean. Thus is the case with international music duo, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (TLOEG). The League's mind-bending mix of hip-hop and electronic music, dubbed "Gangsta Electro Clash," is set to simultaneously push the boundaries of both genres and prove that an amalgamation of kindred spirits cannot be hindered, no matter how varied the backgrounds or great the physical distance. The members of TLOEG are rapper and lyricist NOTE, a San Diego, California resident and producer Simon Muschinsky of Copenhagen, Denmark. NOTE originally hails from Cleveland, Ohio and is best known for his witty, raw and unorthodox approach to hip-hop music. A veteran emcee and one-time Sony/Loud Music recording artist, NOTE has a large grassroots following. With a sound he describes as "Space Age Gangsta", NOTE pushes the boundaries of traditional hip-hop by experimenting with a diverse collection of artists, producers and beat makers to achieve a sound that is uniquely his own. Simon Muschinsky, the technical genius behing TLOEG, is a producer, beatmaker and keyboard player whose electro-clash production style is unmatched. Simon is most notably a founding member of successful Danish pop ensemble When Saints Go Machine (!K7 & EMI Scandinavia). Follow TLOEG on: facebook / twitter

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