Hidden Gem: The Heavy Pets *Crunchy Jam Shreddage

Short link https://tfn.tw/94y/
The Heavy Pets are a major up-and-coming jam band out of New York by way of South Florida. I know when a lot of people think of jam bands, they think of noodling and uninteresting songs that linger on for far too long. Well, you wont find any of that with the Heavy Pets. The Heavy Pets have released 2 full length CDs along with an EP, full of tight, awesome songs. Being from Florida, their songs have a little reggae, chilled out influence, and of course some ol' fashion White Boy funk. With a lot of jam bands, people wont listen to their studio CDs, because these bands aren't as skilled at songwriting as they are at jamming. However, the Heavy Pets do both very well. Listening to their studio stuff provides a different, yet equally awesome experience compared to seeing them live. The Pets are still touring and playing non-stop shows supporting their latest, self-titled album. In a studio setting, their songs are tight and catchy, and live, these dudes can take any song and extend it for as long as they want without getting boring. The Pets are so skilled at taking their jams through slow methodical build-ups, epic peaks, and back to the beginning before you even realize what happened. Check out some of my favorites of theirs below: [soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/16299587"] The Heavy Pets - "Jackie Bones" [soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/16299649"] The Heavy Pets - "Operation of Flight" Follow the Heavy Pets on Twitter and Facebook and when these guys come to your city, do yourself a favor and go see them. Their shows are epic. Also, if you like what you hear, support the Pets by buying their self-titled album, or earlier double-album Whale on itunes.

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