Hidden Gem: Polica *hipster R&B/pop

Short link https://tfn.tw/9by/
I really don't know how to describe Polica's music. This Minnesota alternative band is real hot, has huge breakout potential among the indie/hipster crowd and I'm seriously disappointed in myself for not seeing them live last night at Bootleg Theater in LA. Shout out to @JDBabbit27 for sending me Polica's stuff and shout out to @BoomD for posting,"Amongster" in his latest Supergoodmusic Concert Blast. Polica began as a collaborative effort between Channy Casselle and Ryan Olson, of Roma di Luna (Channy) and Gayngs (both) fame, back in June 2010. By July the pair had already finished 11 songs and sought out drummers Ben Ivascu and Drew Christopherson (yes, that’s right, two kits for double the awesomeness) to complete the project. Recently, the band released their debut album, “Give You the Ghost” (iTunes). I haven't listened to the whole project yet but from what I heard, they have this almost dreamy hipster R&B sound that reminds me of "Wildfire" but more on the hipster pop side and more subtle. Click more to watch a couple of the latest music videos from Polica. Follow Polica on facebook, soundcloud, and twitter.

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