Hidden Gem: Nicky Blitz *alternative fun

Short link https://tfn.tw/9p8/
To the Nicky Blitz fans and bloggers who know about him, I'm sorry for posting his music around a year late. I've had 3 of his songs in my iTunes since December '11 but had forgotten to post it. For an artist who had a song featured in a Honda 2012 commercial yet has a little over 200 fans on facebook, he deserves "Hidden Gem" status for having released two highly infectious songs that are just fun. "Summer Sinner" reminds is like the "Ballroom Blitz" of our generation and "Alive" is a chilled-out pop songs which has this fun piano beat with a few drum kicks. Not only these two songs, but Brenton Duvall remixed "Summer Sinner", slowing it down with more of a focus on the lyrics and a real simple piano beat. However, I think the remix makes the original sound like a radio hit. Stream my 3 favorites below and DOWNLOAD "Summer Sinner" & DOWNLOAD "Alive".

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