Hidden Gem: Jake Troth *emerging alternative pop star

Short link https://tfn.tw/9u9/
Last Monday, the Recording Academy staff had the pleasure of getting a showcase performance from singer/songwriter/producer Jake Troth. He was an absolute joy to see live as most of us hadn't heard of him and didn't know what to expect. He performed 4 songs and although my co-workers didn't enjoy all of them and said the last two were way better than the first two, I felt all four songs were pretty good. However the songs that stuck with me were "On My Way" and "Material Things". Keep an eye out on the alternative pop performer as he's already worked and performed with rapper Big Boi on the track "Apple Of My Eye", has his upcoming album Double Black Diamond coming out soon and will be signed to a major record deal sooner than later. Watch the music videos for "On My Way" and "Material Things" below. Visit Jake Troth's website for more on the up and coming musician!

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