Hidden Gem - Hi-Rez

Short link https://tfn.tw/9iv/
We haven't covered Hi-Rez too much, but he's an artist that's been doing big things and has PLENTY of bangers! I love his flow and his videos. Be on the lookout, Rez plans on dropping his highly anticipated mixtape entitled The Window, on May 13th (tweet #TheWindowMay13th to show love). We expect to have an interview with Hi-Rez at his Boston show on May 2oth, check above for concert details. The interview will be filmed by a friend of mine, Wyatt Pease, of WM Productions. Watch my favorites of Hi-Rez below! Hi-Rez - All I Have Hi-Rez - Plan Z Hi Rez - On The Clock Hi-Rez "The Window" (Trailer) - May 13th To keep updated with Hi-Rez, follow him on Twitter, and check out his Facebook page and give him a "Like". -EllisD  ( @EllisDxX )

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