Hidden Gem: Electric Drip

Short link https://tfn.tw/97t/
While interning at Evolution Music Partners, one of the employees there sent me over his music. He is part of an electronic/dubstep duo called Electric Drip and I have to say I am very impressed. Originally from Dallas, Texas but have since relocated to Los Angeles, these DJ's offer a very unique sound different than most dubstep we are all used to hearing these days. There is lots of melody with their tracks mixing in original dubstep and electronic content with samples of hip-hop and pop tracks and much more. It does not sound quite as angry as must dubstep I hear which is what I enjoy most about it. Their most recent project they dropped was their Brainwash mixtape and the beats are absolutely amazing. Ever since I first heard this mixtape late last week, I immediately fell in love with the variety of sounds and diverse musical aspects of it all. Check it out below. You will not be disappointed! Bonus: Love what you hear above? Well then definitely take a listen to the "Darkest Place" track they have made in addition to all the remixes they put together below. They will definitely be on repeat in your headphones for a while. Enjoy! "Darkest Place" [soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/22463375"] Want to see them live? For those of you in the Los Angeles area this week, be sure to check out their show this Wednesday September 21st at Premiere Supper Club with Joei Jo and DJ Skyler. You will not want to miss it! There is a bright future ahead for these two and you'll definitely want to check them out while they are still small.

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