Hidden Gem: De Lux *post-punk dance like Rapture, Talking Heads

Short link https://tfn.tw/9w6/
Los Angeles duo De Lux is back with a new video to "It All Works All The Time". These guys are a hit in the realm of post punk dance revival acts like RaptureTalking Heads, !!! (chk chk chk) and Scissor Sisters. It's very fun laid back music that you can dance to. Watch "It All Works All The Time" from the Innovative Leisure band De Lux. If you like that song, here's a few more tracks that Scion AV put out on behalf of the band. Download their 6-song debut EP and understand why I'm labeling this duo a hidden gem! For more on De Lux, follow them on twitter. They are  having their record release party tomorrow night at The Echo in Los Angeles, only $8 to attend, details here.

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