Hidden Gem: Dave Edwards *Brooklyn electro/house/pop DJ

Short link https://tfn.tw/9f7/
If you haven't heard of Dave Edwards yet, you soon will. Dave's signature sound, which combines elements of American pop, classic French House, and modern House and Electro production techniques, is undeniably unique. 2012 looks to be the biggest year yet for Edwards rising career, with a string of original releases and remixes planned, as well as live performances and touring. His first original release of the year, "American Girl" with Silver Medallion, was a major hit in my eyes and built on the momentum with the releases to come. Speaking of those releases, below is his latest track, a remix to the classic Fleetwood Mac song "Dreams". Also featured below is an instrumental of his 2nd original release of the year, "First Time". Follow Dave Edwards on facebook, soundcloud and twitter.

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