Hidden Gem: Dame Fifty5

Short link https://tfn.tw/8wk/
Dame Fifty5 is a rapper who grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio but is now based in Los Angeles. He is still very small but will get big VERY soon. It wouldn't surprise me to hear his music on the radio within the first quarter of 2011, he is that catchy and talented. 

Check out his songs "Make A Mill" and "Download My Brain" off his most recent mixtape, Road to Ruins, and let us know what you think!
Dame Fifty5 - "Make A Mill" by Before the Bigs (Wish)
Dame Fifty5 - "Download My Brain" by Before the Bigs (Wish)

Credit Ryan Roy of Alyve Entertainment for telling me about his future superstar. For more songs and information on Dame Fifty5, check out his facebook, twitter, and myspace pages

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