Hidden Gem: Black EL x Durkin *Boston hip-hop

Short link https://tfn.tw/9b1/
We're an MC/producer duo from Boston called Black EL x Durkin.  We just released a new track called "Purgatory" from our forthcoming project, "The Collage." Durkin intended this track to be an instrumental interlude, but eventually Black EL was inspired to write a verse to it. In a nutshell, "Purgatory" is about the uncertainty of life and the power of choice. They have a video for "Purgatory" coming out next week. Listen and download "Purgatory" below. Here's a personal favorite of mine, because they remixed Aer and slowly turned the track into their own with this remix. In the mean time, they recently dropped a video for another song off The Collage called "Under the Influence". Watch it below! We hope you enjoy the music. Follow on TWITTER = @Black_EL x @captaindurkFACEBOOK; SOUNDCLOUD

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