Hidden Gem: ASTR *NYC electronic/alternative duo

Short link https://tfn.tw/9qh/
ASTR is an electronic/alternative duo from New York City. Blending electronic music, cinematic themes and pop melodies, they have created a sound that balances the fine line between underground dance and indie cool. Described as “sexy, electronic yet eerie” their brand of “dark pop” has been compared to The Weeknd and Robyn. I first heard "Razor" and really became intrigued by their new wave electro-pop/indie cool sound. I then heard "Goodnight", didn't like it, but also heard "Crumble" and a cover to a Beck song and became a serious fan of this band's potential. Stream all their song releases below. My favorite is "Razor" (DOWNLOAD). Below is their first video, and it was produced solely by them, comprised of clips from other YouTube videos and footage from their iPhones. "Razor" has a great pop feeling with a dark indie lyrical undertone, and beautifully energetic electronic accompaniment-- it has something for lovers of all genres, and it'll still get you moving on the dance floor! Similar to Ellie Goulding's new tracks with sweet feminine vocal sounds and eery electronic production. Watch "Razor" below. Follow ASTR on facebook and twitter.

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