Hidden Gem: Andy Gruhin *emerging singer/songwriter

Short link https://tfn.tw/9ue/
Perfect for a lazy day, Andy Gruhin is the best up-and-coming artist for some easy listening music. He recently covered the worst song about "Chinese Food". I actually heard his cover first before finally watching the Alison Gold "Chinese Food" song. After I heard Gruhin's cover a couple times, I thought it would be so great to approach random strangers with lines from this song, or to fulfill my goal of picking up a chick using cheesy lyrics as pick-up lines. A little about Andy Gruhin; he graduated in May at my alma mater Syracuse University, signed to Sony/ATV Music Publishing and recently released his new song, "Double Cross" on soundcloud. I think he has potential as a songwriter so keep an eye on him, especially when I remind you about the next top 40 single that gets written by him. Also look out for an announcement of a northeast US tour. Either way, sit back, relax and enjoy in this comical cover of "Chinese Food" and then stream and download his original "Double Cross". If you like what you heard above, give Andy Gruhin a like on facebook.

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