Hidden Gem: American Authors *the next Imagine Dragons?

Short link https://tfn.tw/9ug/
A group less electronic and more upbeat than Imagine Dragons, the American Authors are about to become huge mainstream acts with alternative pop/rock hits "Believer" and "Best Day Of My Life". They've gotten placements in various large-scale and nationwide commercials as they have this upbeat alternative pop/rock sound that will take them far. In fact, if I were Imagine Dragons I'd bring American Authors on tour with them worldwide as everybody will dig their positive vibes before Imagine Dragons set things off with their dramatic yet uplifting vibes in the alt pop/rock variety. Anyways, follow American Authors they will be on mainstream radio sooner than you think! Stream American Authors EP and their cover to Lorde's "Royals". There's no way you didn't like what you heard above, so like American Authors on Facebook! I realize they might already be considered mainstream but it's Friday and I want to spread the weekend love with positive vibe music.

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