Half Moon Run impresses big time in Sold Out show at Bootleg Bar

Short link https://tfn.tw/9xd/
Last Thursday I caught Canadian indie rock band Half Moon Run perform to a sold out audience at the intimate Bootleg Bar. It was an impressive sight to see and I got the set list from somebody so I'll be posting their set below. I just got a record player so the audiophile in me needs to have both Half Moon Run albums on vinyl! If the band or somebody that has the vinyl that doesn't want it anymore is reading this, please provide me with a vinyl from either of their first two albums because they are amazing. Also guess what, it's even moreinawesome to hear them perform these songs live as they are great show men, constantly switching instruments in between songs, sometimes just one vocalist, sometimes two or sometimes the whole 4-piece harmonizes which is awesome too! Everything is awesome and at peace with the world when Half Moon Run performs live, these guys are great, you need to see them live if you like Of Monsters And MenMumford And Sons, or Fleet Foxes but they are so unique with their percussions and rhythms, it's not really catchy but it grabs your heart and the feelings their tracks invoke just pull you in. Setlist (my favorites in bold): "Turn Your Love" "Figure Out" "Never" "Unofferable" "Works Itself Out" "Hands In The Garden" "Call Me In The Afternoon" "Drug You" "Need It" "Devil May Care" "Everybody Wants" "Sun Leads Me On" "She Wants To Know" "Consider Yourself" Encore: "Trust" "Full Circle" My favorites:

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