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So I stumbled on an interesting article by Sean Lind over at about the Top 5 Albums to Play Poker to. I thought it was a good article on poker music because it featured an album I love, Ratatat's Classics, and provided me some new albums to follow up. However I'm not a fan of his choice of Modest Mouse as "Float On" just sounds depressing and whiny as does most of their album. I decided to list 5 songs to play poker to in response to the article on Stream these five songs below and let me know which you find get's you in the zone when playing poker and songs you would include. 1) The XX - "Intro" This original "Intro" song by The XX just gets you in the zone. If your sick and tired of hearing the original, stream and download the Deep Focus remix. However no vocals can get boring so here's the version with Jams F. Kennedy rapping on it. Alternates: 2) Jhameel - Shut Up This is Jhameel's best song and in regards to poker, it's just about shutting up and having fun. 3) Illie - "On" My favorite song from Illie is "On". It's such an upbeat hip-hop song with rock/electro and the lyrics are just about stepping up and taking chances, kind of like in poker. 4) De La Soul - Stakes is High Ok I chose this song when I saw stakes in the song title because as in this song, the Stakes is high in poker. Watch the video for "Stakes is High" below. 5) Poolside - Slow Down When all is said and done when your playing poker, sometimes you just need to slow down and relax. Poolside's "Slow Down" is perfect for this. Don't like the above songs? Then let me know poker music that get's you in the zone.

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