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Syracuse University hip-hop/R&B duo Genisys & Mac the Don recently dropped a three-track EP, The Manuscript. The tracks are solid and I Genisys is a group to watch out for in the coming years. Download The Manuscript Genisys & Mac The Don are currently working on the full-length LP, The Manuscript, which drops late 2010/early 2011. Above is a three-track sampler to hold everybody over until then. Click read more to see some Q&A with Genisys which was back in late September before their EP dropped.
How did A.C.E. and 6EE come to form Genisys?
We met each other at Syracuse University back in the Fall of 2008. Initially we were just two college students that loved hip-hop and enjoyed rapping. From there we began a web series that Spring that we put out through Facebook each week called the 119 Cipher Series, it featured us, Mac The Don, and various other MCs on campus. From there we had visions to expand the series into something bigger, but that idea was put to the side for the moment and we began to begin work on our debut mixtape Lyrical Exercise Vol. 1. We released our first single "What U Wanna Do" towards the end of the summer of 2009, and our buzz from it on campus catapulted us from there. Since then we have continued to make new music and distribute it ourselves and keep our fans entertained while, at the same time, catching the ears of many new fans.
What type of music is Genisys?
Genisys is hip-hop. There really is no box smaller than that we can put our music into. We're always experimenting with new sounds and different types of music. But at the end of the day the element of hip-hop is always present and resonates in our music.
What has influenced the sound of Genisys?
We've been influenced by an array of artists that we grew up listening to. Everyone from The Roots to 50 Cent, and many artists outside of hip-hop.  But basically, good music. The kind of music that connects with the audience, the kind of music that's timeless. It's that kind of music we're influenced by and it's that same type of timeless music that we aim to deliver to the fans.
Can you tell me more about TakeOver Entertainment?
TakeOver Entertainment is an all-star team of musicians. In the past, the music industry has invested in artists for the short-term gain quickly replacing them with someone else that can embody what is "in" at that particular moment.  While that formula worked great for the record companies and kept them afloat in the era of CD sales, it stunts the potential growth of the artist and it plain doesn't work in this new digital era of music. TakeOver Entertainment, as well as being home to some of the most talented MCs, concentrates on creating and maintaining an artists relevance, popularity, and buzz. And on top of it all concentrates on delivering the best music possible. Because, let's face it, all the buzz in the world isn't gonna mean much if the material isn't on point.
Can you tell us about Mac The Don and what he brings to TakeOver Entertainment?
Mac The Don hails from The Bronx, NY and has been around us even longer than TakeOver Entertainment has. We introduced him on our debut mixtape and since then he has been working tirelessly on new material. Mac brings an element of lyricism to the table that is unparalleled, and we're real excited to start putting out the material he's been working on. I don't think too many people know what to expect from him, which is cool, because it'll blow them away even more when they see what he has in store.
What should fans expect on your upcoming debut EP "For the Love of Music"?
They should expect a very unique universal sound that can be enjoyed by many.  That's really all we can say about it at this point.  But the progress on it right now is really pushing us as artists and as individuals.  If anything they can definitely expect a more mature Genisys.
Besides the release of your upcoming debut EP, what other projects are on the horizon for Genisys & TakeOver Entertainment?
We have a number of things that we're working on right now actually. We're currently working on a new LP The Manuscript that everyone can expect to hear toward the end of the year.  We'll be filming a video for the first single "Livin' In Luxury" very soon so be on the look out for that as well.  Mac The Don is working on his solo LP right now as well, so expect that sometime next year, if not sooner. And we've got a few other surprises in store so, everyone should be watching and listening closely.
For more on Genisys, check them out on facebook.

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