Free Download: Fred Falke ft. Kris Menace - Electricity

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Listening to this song, I feel like I'm running through some maze from Tron, fleeing the bad guys and desperately racing to get to the finish line. Maybe I'm too imaginative but this song is electric and it's an original from Fred Falke which is very rare. It's also very rare for Fred Falke to release an original for FREE! So listen and download "Electricity" below. Here's what Falke had to say about the song:
"....So much of modern music takes the ideas in the 70's and 80's and uses them in a very superficial way. I hope i have managed to create something that re-­‐asserts the musicality of this era within the context of modern music and modern production methods” “ I've always sought to re-­‐align the modern French sound with the musical heritage that informed it, to bring that sound to a young crowd... to make it relevant to them." Fred Falke

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