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Sample sale is a sonic crash course in the evolution of Riot !n Paris. It is a concept album that shuffles their past & future and and shows their ability to be creative and to create. Here's some words from the up-and-coming alternative rock/hip-hop duo from Brooklyn:
Our sound was born of creativity: We started out by taking samples of our favorite rock songs and flipping them into new creations where we would mix the old with the new, clashing our two favorite genres of hip-hop and rock Our Future is creation: As time grew we have moved away from sampling and starting focusing on making new sounds that are 100% riot in paris. This new album is our re-introduction into the world so we decided to display our creative side and show how creative we can be with sampling and paying omage to some of our favorite rock tracks. At the same time we are showing you the future of our sound, creating on our own what made us fall in love with the music we use to sample.
Stream and DOWNLOAD the FREE 9-track album, Sample Sale. Previous: Riot !n Paris - Disposition

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