Frank Fetti – SDA: Sex, Drugs & Automobiles

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Boston rapper Frank Fetti released his brand new mixtape SDA: Sex, Drugs & Automobiles (download). After releasing Birth Of A Salesman last year to great success, this is his first official project. After hearing the first three songs he released early from the mixtape, I think this guy is only getting better.

If you’re in the Boston area, head on down to the Middle East Club in Cambridge, MA and celebrate the release with Frank Fetti and a few dope opening acts for Frank Fetti's SDA Release Party.

Read more for the tracklisting and a Q&A; interview I did with Frank Fetti a few weeks back.

What inspired you to pursue a career in music?
"pretty much after i heard marshall mathers LP. I never knew music could be made like that. It was so intense and filled with emotion. So i started writing after i heard that in like 6th grade. Doing what ever artist does, and trying to emulate Eminem"
What are your musical influences?
"Jay Z, Eminem , LL cool j, Michael Jackson, 2Pac, Cam'ron, Rakim, Nas, Lil Wanye, and Dmx. Dmx "its dark and hell is hot" is the first album i really listened to."
What should we expect on his upcoming mixtape? Any big differences between the upcoming mixtape and his last one, Birth of a Salesman?
"First of all birth of a salesman, was just me trying to find my self as an artist. If u listen to that mixtape you can pick out my influences from track to track pretty much. but thats how everyone starts you know? SDA is more like 100 percent of what I'm about. I love 80s rock, and i wanted to take those sounds and incorporate them in a hip hop fashion. The whole Mixtape is produced by my producer CT Ike. And basically we took mad 80s songs and sampled them. CT Gave me full control of the sound of the mixtape and i think people are gonna be really surprised to hear an inner city black kid with a different vision of what being a hip hop artist means."
Hope you enjoy Frank Fetti's music!

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