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Last Friday I attended Red Bull Sound Select's pop-up show for Chuck Inglish's record release party for his latest album, Convertibles. It was a great show (read my review here), and I was afforded the opportunity to interview rising LA hip-hop act Thurz before the show as he was opening for Chuck Inglish. Here's most of what I (@ImZachSE) talked about with Thurz (@Thurzday) before the show.
Zach: I'm here at The Well with Thurz, formerly of U-N-I, about to perform tonight with a six-piece band, is this your first foray performing with a band? Thurz: No I used to rock with a band like for every show, just getting back into the groove of things with live shows, so a lot of the new music I've been recording has a lot of instrumentation so I just wanted to bring the studio to the stage. Zach: And you released a song with producer Christian Rich ("High Castle"), it's really good, I like it, will that be on the upcoming project? Thurz: Yeah man, it might make it onto the project, it's been getting a good response. It's on cool vinyl with some great artists and it's definitely a blessing man. Zach: Can you tell me a little bit more about the upcoming music you have coming out? Thurz: Well the album is called Blood On The Canvas (date TBA), it's just been an evolution of Thurz so you see me going through youthful vanity to addressing light issues to kind of just changing as a person, so a lot of the music represents that, it's a lot of fun music, a lot of cool stuff you probably wouldn't expect, just having a lot of fun. Zach: That's very cool and so after this, what's next, what you got coming up? Thurz: After this show, we got the record 21 ready for the world, so we're going to begin mixing and master it. We're going to drop the bomb on everybody, get everybody dancing and before that I have this record called "Perfect Words" that I got a video for that so that'll be released on the internet really soon. Some very cool records I want to start sharing with the world. Zach: Are you going to be doing more new music with Christian Rich? Thurz: That's family man, I've known those guys for awhile and we got a chance to work with Red Bull and those guys and yeah it's a perfect marriage. Zach: You've done a few shows with Red Bull? It's been a pretty good partnership? Thurz: Yea definitely, they really break music, it's a great opportunity for upcoming artists like myself so I'm glad to be here and ready to hit the stage... after I eat some tacos! Zach: So if you had to describe your music to somebody whose never heard it before, how would you describe it? Thurz: I make designer music, all my music is taken from a young male black experience and creates this fabric and I just tailor it for the world and just try to make people move. But it's definitely designer music, you can't get the fabric anywhere else so it's like through my eyes and storytelling you know. Zach: Who are some of your influences? Thurz: Outkast, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson-- Zach: Are you going to Coachella? Thurz: Yes Yes, weekend 1, can't wait to see Outkast! They owe us an album, they need to have an album before they hit the stage. Zach: Awesome, I'll be there weekend 2, so excited!
At that point, Thurz and I started talking Coachella and I told him how Tribe Called Quest contractually owes the world another album, then my friend/co-worker Tahsan from Groundsounds came by and I got Thurz to do this shout out before he went to get tacos, get prepared for his show and perform a set with six-piece band The S.O.M.E. For more on Thurz follow him on facebook, twitter and soundcloud.

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