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A few weeks ago, I did a phone interview with Jamie and Robert of electornic/dance/pop duo DWNTWN, an up-and-coming Los Angeles band that will be mainstream before you can say "Spottieottiedopalicious". Find out how they became DWNTWN, their night at the gay club in Utah and the unique word they use to describe their music! Read the interview below. Zach: How did you two meet and become DWNTWN? Jamie: We’ve known each other for a really long time and I was actually a big fan of Robert’s high school band, Yes Means No. So as we’ve been friends I’ve been begging him to make music with me. Finally he agreed and then we became DWNTWN. Zach: Who are some of your musical influences that show in your music? Robert: I think Crystal Castles, 80’s stuff like New Order and Joy Division, stuff I grew up on like Blink 182. Jamie: A lot of electronic influences. Robert: Yeah, we like masking pop with other elements. Zach: Who are some artists or producers today that you’d like to work with? Jamie: That’s tough; there are a lot of good people – Robert: Grimes Jamie: Yeah Grimes for sure! Zach: Can you tell me about your recently released music video for “Believe Me”? Jamie: Well we made that one night. We had a boat party and shot it. Robert and his brother edited it. We just kind of went for it, had fun. It accidentally turned out looking like a commercial for Budweiser (Laughs) Robert: Yea that was my favorite shirt I used (Laughs). Zach: You had a couple people remix it like PUNCHES and Radio Black, can you tell me about how those remixes came about? Jamie: Well we love having people remix our songs, it’s fun to have somebody else’s take on something that we made. We’ve known Radio Black for a little bit they are nice guys, friends of ours and when they wanted to do a remix so we gave them “Believe Me” and then the PUNCHES remix was through Trevor (aka DJ Skeet Skeet). He hit up PUNCHES and sent him over the track. Zach: Do you plan on getting other songs remixed? Jamie: We got a bunch of “Transition” remixes; our favorite one is probably from Planet Purple “Transition”. We actually did a remix to a song by Beataucue’s new single “Slow Down” that’s out now (track below). Zach: The Midnight Ride mixtape was kind of a project that really put your name out there and I wanted to know how that came about and how you got Lil B to rap on it? Jamie: That was from Trevor again, who we worked with, DJ Skeet Skeet. He knows Lil B so he hit him about it and asked if he would be down and he was! Zach: Right now your on the Hack The Planet tour with DJ Skeet Skeet, can you tell me about that and what the response has been to your music? Jamie: It’s been really good, we were a little bit concerned because playing with a DJ you never know how with a live band its going to be accepted into the club situation and so far, knock on wood, it’s been great and people have been responding very positively. It’s been a lot of fun for us. Zach: Do you have any crazy stories from the touring? Jamie: Not crazy, but we played at this club in Utah and we have a cover of “Goodbye Horses” and it ended up being a gay night, and there was this really awesome tranny. “Goodbye Horses” was featured in the movie Silence of the Lambs and she [the tranny] had the tattoo of the moth from the movie on her arm and was singing every word. Afterwards she wouldn’t stop touching my butt and telling me how she loved the movie. Zach: Did you know it was a gay night at the club before your performed or was it a complete surprise? Jamie: It was a surprise, we were pleasantly surprised. I was like, “Gay night every night!” I loved it, it’s just fun. I feel like the gay community a lot of times is more willing and open to accept new music that they haven’t heard. Zach: And for somebody that’s never heard your music before, how would you describe it to them? Robert: Well we call it "pindetro"; it’s a word we invented, which is a combination of pop, indie, and electro. Zach: Pindetro? Robert & Jamie: (laughs) Yea Pindetro Zach: Is there anything else you’d like to mention that I haven’t asked? Jamie: Our next single, “See My Eyes”, is going to be coming out in May. It’s going to be released through the Kitsune America Compilation so we are looking forward to that. Zach: Are there going to be any more videos coming out? Jamie: Yes we going to film a video for “See My Eyes” which will come out in conjunction with the Kitsune America Compilation, it’s a French label that’s releasing it. -- For more on DWNTWN, follow them on facebook, soundcloud and twitter. Previous: DWNTWN - Feel So Close (Calvin Harris cover) Exclusive: DWNTWN "Believe Me" remixes by PUNCHES and Radio Black

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