Exclusive DOWNLOAD: Josh and Mer - "Morning Eden Mars" x "Skeleton Key"

Short link https://tfn.tw/9ay/
Shout out to Josh and Mer for providing us with exclusive download links for two of their songs off their upcoming album Planet Music (soundcloud). Stream "Morning Eden Mars" and "Skeleton Key" below. [soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/19197296" iframe="true" /] DOWNLOAD "Morning Eden Mars" [soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/19224898" iframe="true" /] DOWNLOAD "Skeleton Key" Click more to read our exclusive Q&A with Josh and Mer.1. What can fans expect with your upcoming album Planet Music? In general, we like to say don’t expect anything--anything that is, except songs. And by songs we mean carefully honed individual essences that take on a life of their own separately and together as a full album. Perhaps fans can expect to like at least one song and not like others. We don’t know, haha! We didn’t expect to write an album, but hey, here we are! 2. Who are some of your inspirations with your music? With this first album it started off with being inspired by each other. We had just met and we kept trying new things that neither of us had really heard before--or had heard in a much more sterile manner. I personally had just come from performing and recording with an a cappella group and was directly influenced by the arrangements, and Josh had just been working on another solo record in which he was focused on a mix of folk and indie rock songs. We decided to be open to anything--to start a song and let it take us from there without any restrictions. Individual instruments were big inspirations, too: how could we make THIS into a song but have it sound completely natural? The Beatles will always be an inspiration to our music not only because we grew up on it but because the songwriting is incredible; fresh; classic. It withstands the test of time, and that’s what we’re aiming for as well. 3. With the upcoming release of Planet Music, what's next for Josh and Mer? Aside from opening for Little Hurricane at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, OR and some potential shows in Austin during SXSW, we were inspired by a trip we took to Rockaway Beach, OR with our photographer, Erik Simkins and videographer, Jansen Hillis. One night we all went for a walk along the coastline specifically for a photo shoot but what we didn’t realize or prepare for was the most incredible, beautiful display of nature each of us had ever seen. I think we all had tears in our eyes as the sunset lingered for what seemed like forever in an ever expanding shoreline. It was like walking into infinity. It was the first time Mer and I had cried at the overwhelming abyss of the world, so when we got back to our hotel we promptly began writing a song inspired by our experience. We then began demoing other tracks that seemed to fit together as a collection of mellow, acoustic driven songs with layered vocals. We already had some songs written that we were performing live in our duo set, so we recorded those as well. We want to release the acoustic record in the coming months while we work on a proper follow up to Planet Music, which is also already in the works. 4. For somebody that has never heard your music, how would you describe it to them? We’ve gone so far as to say we are Indie Rock Pop with elements of Folk and Electronic, which usually gets quite the chuckle from everyone! It’s definitely Indie (we are, in fact, writing and recording these on our own), the recording has huge elements of Pop, and our live sound is quite frankly a killing Rock show. A bit of everything, but not so much that one genre sticks out more than another. I mean we have a freaking 80s-prom-like-ballad tucked in there somewhere. What the heck! 5. Anything else you want to say that I haven't asked? We absolutely need to thank EVERYONE who has listened to us and supported what we do--it really means the world to us to have people excited and touched by something we’ve created. We try to give back as much as we can within our community in Portland in turn and hope that everyone is finding the time to support what they truly believe in. That’s what we’re really trying to promote with not only our music, but our blog and our lifestyle altogether. This city has been an amazing platform for doing just that! So, thank you to everyone and thank you to Portland. You ROCK! -Josh And Mer

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