EXCLUSIVE: Charlie Darker's Top 5 New Artists

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We got a guest mix/post from Charlie Darker. Since featuring Charlie on Best You've Never Heard 5, Darker's following has only increased. I have confirmed that Charlie Darker has a remix he did for Diplo and Don Diablo dropping very soon so you know top DJs are noticing Charlie Darker. So we were discussing what type of exclusive feature would be best for Charlie to do with us and thought that since he's a rising DJ in the EDM scene, it would be great to get his take on his five top new artists. Click more to read about Charlie Darker's top 5 new artists, accompanied by his favorite song from each one. 1) Clockwork Clockwork is becoming a more common name these days, but I think he's got a lot bigger things coming for him. He manages to make really effective club music without subscribing to any cliche techniques or overused tricks. His upcoming release on Dim Mak is sure to be a big one. One of the tracks on it called "Squad Up", one I've been waiting on for a long time. For now, listen to "Ayoo" - a dutchy mega anthem suited only for the biggest of stages. 2) Torro Torro Torro Torro have been cranking out consistently awesome tracks for a few years now, and they definitely deserve to be touring the globe with their unique sound. In my hometown of Toronto they are pretty much the captains of team Moombahton, really serving as leaders in the scene. As well as being extremely talented in the studio, they are just great guys, and that's a formula for success. This is a preview for their newest remix and it's fat. 3) Ain't No Love Ain't No Love is a brand new group from Montreal/Toronto, and they were an easy choice for this up and coming list. They've got a great live show, an extremely talented producer, and a great lineup of vocalists/rappers. Take all the best things about hip hop, and combine them with the best parts of dance music, and you've got Ain't No Love. Their track "Shine" is probably the best example of that sound. 4) Love Thy Brother If you've ever been on the Hype Machine, you probably have a Love Thy Brother remix in your iTunes. Blending unparalleled melodic prowess with hard crunchy basslines and shimmering synths, Love Thy Brother has a sound I can't get enough of. Check out their latest remix of the track "Youth" by Daughter, it's very addicting. 5) Botnek I first heard Botnek about a year ago, and I've been following them closely ever since. They make really interesting (and somewhat 'wonky') tracks, that still hold up the club. It's not often you come across an artist that can attain both of these things. Check out the track that got me hooked on them, "Dozer" (DOWNLOAD). -Charlie Darker Follow Charlie Darker on facebook and twitter.

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